The Taiwan Fund, Inc.


As at December 31, 2020 One month % Three months % Calendar year to date % One year % Three years %pa Five years %pa Ten years %pa Since launch %pa
The Taiwan Fund, Inc. 8.58 20.51 41.97 41.97 21.10 20.46 9.45 9.79
Taiwan TAIEX Total Return Index 9.07 21.52 35.62 35.62 18.21 20.30 9.48 -
MSCI Taiwan Total Return Index (Net) 10.49 23.15 40.99 40.99 20.53 21.49 9.91 -
Taiwan TAIEX Price Index 8.90 21.33 31.01 31.01 13.60 15.61 5.47 -

Past performance is not a guide to future returns. Returns are annualized, except for periods of less than one year.

Source for Fund: State Street Bank and Trust Company. Launch date December 23, 1986. Returns for the Fund are historical total returns that reflect changes in net asset value per share during each period and assume that dividends and capital gains, if any, were reinvested.

Source for index data: MSCI for the MSCI Taiwan Index and TWSE for the TAIEX Total Return Index and the TAIEX Index. For a full description of each index please see the index descriptions section in the latest monthly insight.

Returns for the TAIEX Index are not total returns and reflect only changes in the share price but do not assume that cash dividends, if any, were reinvested, and thus are not strictly comparable to the Fund returns.The TAIEX Total Return Index commenced January 1, 2003.

10 year performance Graph (rebased to 100)